Mental Health and Prevention Program

Updated: Jan 4

It is just unfortunate how we still reacting instead of making something to prevent this madness. It is my duty as a mother, as a professional and as a clinician to make everything and anything to prevent and stop this from continuing happening among our kids.

As a school board member of Miami Dade County I will deliver, I will work hard to stop this madness and start acting instead of reacting. Presently, the mental health program of Miami Dade County Public Schools make teachers report to the kids to start being treated, but many times teachers or counselors are not able to identify the signals early enough what becomes then a serious issue.

I propose a prevention program and an early intervention at the schools as a community that can help enabling them to identify the signs way before suicidal thoughts start being part of the equation. THIS MADNESS MUST STOP. ELECT Marcela Gomez-Bogomolni. I will make things happen because that is what I do.



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