What we want for our children's education

What we can achieve

We can support our teachers not only by offering a better salary but by supporting and acknowledging their mental health and emotional needs.

We can save lives by developing drug use prevention and education programs.

We can integrate a more behavior friendly nutrition program to support our kid's self-control and concentration capacity.    

We can have a more active parent population if we take the effort to educate them on how to participate in the system, so they become part of the system supporters and not critics. 

We can bring mindfulness tools to the schools and use art and physical activities as part of an intervention technique.  

We can achieve a more accountable system, that can own its responsibility of implementing the right measures of prevention and early intervention. 

We must stop thinking that success its only about numbers

As your school board member, Marcela will:

Prioritize our children's emotional and behavioral competence

Identify a full and complete anti-vaping & opioids use prevention and education program

Enhance the school’s accountability and proactivity to protect and support students well being

Identify evidence-based practice intervention using arts, physical activities, and mindfulness tools. 
Marcela will design and implement Mental Health programs to serve the student's needs to prevent NO to react

Improve schools nutrition program to support our children academic performance and emotional health

Provide educational programs to immigrant parents  to help them engage and understand our school system

Financial Consultation

Add finance competence and readiness  classes to the Miami Dade county public schools curriculum to effectibly increase finance proactivity in  students and elevate their financial Management skills.

Kids in the Museum

Support adequate funding for high quality early learning programs, including child care and. Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) to help ensure ALL children are school ready and successful in school


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